LED teeth whitening lamp

LED teeth whitening lamp

LED Teeth whitening machine


1.  The system can be used as standing light moved freely, or a table light to save space.

2.  High quality pipe design for you to adjust the angle randomly.

3.  Fast and easy teeth whitening by using 6 pieces of 5w LED with an output at 1500 mw/cm2.

4.  Simple and fast pre-preparation program with digital LCD display showing the operation time and light intensity.

5.  The 3-LED in the left/center/right side are divided into 3 grades: High, Medium and Low. Patient’s canine and pre-molar can also enjoy perfect whitening with the equal source of light.

6.  Wireless operation by built-in lithium battery. When fully recharged, the machine can be used for 1 hour in case of power failure.

7.  With an average of 8 shades, you can finish the full teeth whitening at 30 minutes.





1. Wavelength: 420nm-490nm

2. Light resource: SEMA LED

3. Emission time: 5m?10m, 15m, 20m by modes

4. G.W.: 5kg

5. Input power: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

6. Output power: 12V DC, 2.2A

7. What’s included: SEMA LED Cool Light Teeth Whitening System, Main Poles, Transformer, Machine Base, Instruction Manual, and Mouth Guard. 


Product Origin: Made in China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Semadent

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